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PlanetConectUs is a leading IOT solutions provider. Our IOT application development is enabling companies to bridge the gap between the real and digital world through a completely new experience. We are proud to have one of the fastest and secure connected objects in the world and some of the finest IOT services engineers in our talented development team who are focused on innovative design and development. Internet of things services is enabling companies to succeed by transforming their business processes, network infrastructure and operational models. Our expert team has worked on many IOT related projects, building end to end internet of things solutions. The entire spectrum of services PlanetConectUs offers include consultation, development and integration of IOT services.

Use your mobile Bluetooth to open automatically any paygate etc….
Indoor positioning system
IPS can be used to locate people or objects inside buildings, typically via a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet.
These small items attach to your belongings and communicate in Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet. In case of forgetfulness, you are alerted through a dedicated application.
smart watch allows you to connect to an object with bluetooth.
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